Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lesbian couple irks O'Reilly

Two gay high school seniors in Illinois who were named "cutest couple" by their peers in the upcoming school yearbook have come under fire from Bill O'Reilly. The "Factor" master criticized the school’s students on his Nov. 7 show, accusing them of voting for the couple to “cause trouble.”
In response, administrators created a "cute couple'' page in the yearbook that will include the gay couple, plus five heterosexual couples who received the most runner-up votes.
That's a terrible way to treat the girls who were chosen in the first place. They should have been given what they were originally supposed to get -- a page of their own. Shame on the school for caving into O'Reilly.
All because of a stupid TV show. How sad.

Read reports in Windy City Times and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Conservative talk radio -- dumb and dumber

In the debate over why conservative talk radio outdraws liberal talk radio, I've found the answer and it's incredibly simple.
Conservative talk radio is very simplistic and dumbed down. Dumb and dumber. It's easier to instill fear in your listeners by saying things shouldn't change or they should revert back using old prejudices than to promote intelligent solutions.
They don't call liberals progressives for nothing. Conservatives aren't.
Conservative radio is a mental comfort zone. It's easier for people to lay back and not move forward in their thinking. That, of course, is the weakness of conservatives as a whole.
Look at the debate over immigration and how talk show host have used the logic of prejudice to make their point.
Look at the whole recent "Redacted" controversy manufactured by Bill O'Reilly, who isn't a true conservative talk show host, but more like a sideshow clown. O'Reilly did a cheerleading act to get his audiences to hate "Redacted" before it was released and before even he saw it. Don't bother suggesting your audience judge for themselves. Just tell them it's bad. Easy way out. No work on their part. Dumb and dumber.
Liberal radio, on the other hand, isn't dumbed down. Actually, if there's one thing liberals probably do too much of on the radio is they intellectualize. You don't see a lot of conservative show hosts do that. Their audiences would turn them off in a millisecond.
Conservatives follow the old axiom Keep It Simple, Stupid. Keep 'em entertained. Conservatives wisely keep their ideas in basic terms even a child could understand. Most liberal talk show hosts don't. Conservative ideas generally don't challenge. They rely on existing ideas and prejudices. That's why it's so easy to listen to conservative talk radio. It doesn't take any brainpower.
Most of all, conservatives want to dictate everyone's values. Don't criticize the president. Fund the war and shut up. Marriage is reserved for heterosexuals only. And the most outlandish of all: I got mine, so the hell with everyone else. All too simple answers to complex questions. Conservatives have no compassion, no soul and no values -- unless it benefits them.
Liberals, however, will ultimately triumph in the end. Conservatives may apply the brakes, but liberals supply the propellers. You can't move forward without them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fox gone wild

Keith Olbermann followed up the video we posted previously with this interview with Robert Greenwald. Fair and balanced? How about fair, balanced and sexy?