Saturday, January 5, 2008

O'Reilly in dustup at an Obama rally

A story only Bill O'Reilly could make.
The Associated Press reports O'Reilly was involved in what can be described as an altercation with a Barack Obama staff member at a New Hampshire rally. When the staff member, who stands at Obama's side at all times, blocked a camera shot O'Reilly's crew was trying to get, O'Reilly yelled at him to get out of the way.
"Then he grabbed me with both of his arms and tried to push me out of the way," the staffer, Marvin Nicholson, was quoted by the AP.
Nicholson told him, "I told him, 'Sir, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't shove me anymore.' Reilly called him "low class."
Nicholson, who worked as Sen. John Kerry's personal aide in the 2004 presidential campaign, also said, "I've never seen a member of the press lay hands on a staffer before," he said.
Obama said he would consider going on O'Reilly's show after the primaries.
What we want to know is why O'Reilly wasn't arrested for assault. This isn't the first time O'Reilly's been involved in a scrape with the law. Who doesn't forget the sexual harrassment suit against him and his falafel comment that will live in infamy?
That wasn't all. He also showed up at a Hillary Clinton rally and, according to an interview on Fox News, actually had a good-natured banter with Sen. Clinton. We're sure he was disappointed it was nothing he could exploit.
And it's no surprise that O'Reilly plans to show the tape of the dustup on his show Monday. Nothing like exploiting it for ratings, Bill-0.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old spin for the New Year

Good ol' Bill O'Reilly. The New Year has begun, and of course Mr. No Spin is already spinning.
Take his Talking Points for Wednesday night.

"But "Talking Points" has no horse in this race at present. We're watching all the candidates, hoping, hoping that one will emerge as a creative problem solver, who's truly looking out for you.

Only John Edwards is on our absurd list. Over the holiday weekend, Edwards once again demonstrated his unbelievable incompetence by suggesting that if elected, he would pull some U.S. forces away from training Iraqi forces. I mean, how dumb is that?

For the first time in almost five years, the military situation is improving in Iraq. And Al Qaeda there is being badly damaged. And you retreat from that? Dangerously irresponsible."

Even better is this.
"Now we expect John Edwards to be finished in the race shortly. We hope he is, because the USA needs smart leadership in the White House, not a crazed ideologue."

Guess again, Bill. Edwards' stature in the race has picked up significantly in the last couple of months. Did anyone tell you he's in a dead heat with Clinton and Obama?
Even more laughable was this conclusion.
"The point is that the media, generally left-leaning, really isn't much interested in you or what's good for you. They're interested in ideologues who promote a liberal cause, or in some cases conservative point of view. That is a complete waste of time. Again, this country needs creative smart leadership. In the next few months, we'll see if that emerges."

Straight out of today's right-wing talking points. No spin, right?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The biggest idiots of 2007

Yeah, I know, everybody usually comes out with their lists before the year is over. We like to wait until the year is done so we don't miss anything.
Anyway, here's our top five in descending order:

5) The top brass at the San Francisco Zoo:
Whether those three guys provoked that tiger or not, you have some 'splaining to do for the wall that you admitted was too short. Doesn't a zoo patron have the right to think he'll be safe from animals who happen to wander out of their enclosures? Especially from things like tigers?

4. Brittany Spears: If I hear one more radio announcer say, "Oh, oh, wanna hear the latest about Brittany Spears?" No thanks. Her stupidity apparently knows no bounds. And the people around here seem to be enjoying it. After all they're not stopping her. And how come Ryan Seacrest puts up with her? Actually, how come Ryan Seacrest is everywhere? It's bad enough he's on the lame "American Idol". But "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," too?

3. Paris Hilton: Notice how Ms. Hilton began doing her part to reform the world after her jail time?
(Long pause.)

2. Bill O'Reilly: Bill-O made the world (unintentionally) funnier though his blustering stupidity. Our favorite was the Stephen Colbert episode. You notice he hasn't appeared on Letterman's show lately? I guess two humiliations were enough.

1. Larry Craig: There's really no other choice. No, he's not gay. No, he didn't do anything in the restroom. Yes, he pled guilty. Yes, he'll resign. No, he won't. Yes, he will. Hey, Larry, be sure and make a big splash at the Republican Convention.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



NEW YORK – December 19, 2007 – Following are quotes from "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" for the week of December 10-14. "Countdown," a unique newscast that counts down the day's top stories, telecasts weeknights, 8-9 p.m. ET on MSNBC. Complete program transcripts are available at

Olbermann, on thousands turning out for a Barack Obama rally where Oprah Winfrey was appearing: "What happens when they find out that Oprah is not the one running for president?"

Olbermann: "Dr. Torkel Klingberg, leading a Swedish team that has discovered what appears to be a filter in a brain that blocks out irrelevant information. The irrelevance filter that might explain why some people can focus better or remember better or have an attention deficit disorder or – what was I saying?"

Olbermann: "An unnamed firefighter in England helped free two men trapped in an elevator. They kept going from floor to floor but the doors wouldn't open. The men were Elvis impersonators so, thus said our comic fireman, 'There were two of them so they weren't exactly lonesome tonight.'"

[Referring to Michael Schumacher, retired Formula One auto racing champion, and his family running late for a flight in Bavaria.]
Olbermann: "When [the] cab picked the Schumachers up… Schumacher introduced himself, told the cabbie to sit in the passenger seat, and Schumacher drove to the airport himself. The family made the flight, but out of habit, Schumacher got out of the cab, sprayed everybody with champagne, and wore a series of 42 different baseball caps with different advertisers' names on it while giving interviews to astonished passers-by."

Olbermann on the New York Knicks' woes: "[Knicks Coach Isiah] Thomas [said] it's the fans' fault because they 'don't have a good sixth man' – the basketball term for the positive influence fans can have. Firstly, among their players, the Knicks don't even have a good third man."

[Referring to Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) saying that waterboarding is 'like swimming, freestyle, backstroke.]
Olbermann: "Waterboarding is to the backstroke, as Kit Bond is to an actual leader."

Michael Musto, Village Voice: "Britney [Spears] is the new Liz Taylor, minus the two Oscars and the charity work."

Olbermann: "Us Weekly is reporting that Ms. [Britney] Spears has been tapped to play Mary in a modern film version of the nativity. Mother of God, indeed!"

[Referring to Katie Holmes telling InStyle magazine that husband Tom Cruise compliments her by saying, 'you look good. I hope security is going with you.']
Paul F. Tompkins, VH-1's "Best Week Ever": "Compliments like this are so awkward… not helping to squash the gay rumor about Tom Cruise."
Olbermann: "She also says they fell in love in an instant. Does Mr. Cruise impress you as the impulsive type?"
Tompkins: "Well, Keith, it's easy to be cynical. But, it only takes an instant to sign a secret marriage contract."

[Referring to Russian winter enthusiasts who do ballet in cold temperatures]
Olbermann: "Nothing says happy holidays like a bunch of fat 50-something-year-old Russians wearing tutus and shaking their stuff. That's why they call it 'Nutcracker.''

# # #